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A Community In Action is a blog which is reaching out to new audiences by the day.  Originally a random collection of personal musings, usually on the local political and social situation in a small West London suburb, ACIA has become more regular, more varied in subject matter - and more popular as a result.

Advertising space on the blog is available at today's prices, not at the much higher rates it will be able to command in a month or two.  The bottom line is, buy now - for the next 3, 6 or 12 months - and you will pay substantially below the market price.

We update several times each month, with exciting new material.  What is more, this blog is now supported by a dedicated Facebook Page bringing new readers into our orbit on a daily basis.

Advertising will be discreet but prominent, either at the foot of each article or along the right hand column of the blog page.  If you'd like to discuss placing an advert please e-mail Phil at

Thank you for your interest.