Saturday, 10 May 2008

Welcome to A Community In Action

Welcome to A Community In Action, my very first attempt at this blogging thing.

After several months of dithering I was naturally horrified when I discovered that I had been beaten to the post for the honour of being the first Hounslow councillor to publish his own blog.

Mark Bowen, Conservative councillor for Feltham North and Deputy Leader of the London Borough of Hounslow, launched the interesting Bowen's Blog back in January, and it's well worth a visit.

All the same, I hope through this new venture to give some idea of the thoughts and deeds of a community councillor working to serve the people of Hounslow. I 'll try to keep it updated as frequently as possible. Please bookmark the site and feel free to add your own comments.


Mark Bowen said...

Great to see you have launched your blog - best of luck with it. I will add yours as a link to mine and be sure to visit regularly.

Would like to see this catch on with even more Councillors!

Councillor Phil Andrews said...

Thanks Mark. They're a bashful bunch it seems but one can but hope.