Thursday, 14 August 2008

Rainbow Project announced on LBH website today

The £1.5m Rainbow Project was formally launched on the London Borough of Hounslow website today, and a series of no fewer than seven roadshows announced to bring this exciting initiative to the attention of residents around our borough.

The Project is an important first step towards empowering our tenants and leaseholders and, whilst we accept that it takes will and not just money to enable us to give power back to the residents where it belongs, it sends an important message that we are single-mindedly determined to put our objectives into practice.

Please do come along and support us when the roadshow comes to your town.


Anonymous said...

How about bunging a few quid to Hounslow's Community Police Consultative Group ?
They could use it to send Lord & Lady Keen postcard reminders every two months.

Anonymous said...

The good lady herself is probably in need of another handout right now.
After all, now she's jumped on the 'Save Gunnersbury Park' bandwagon, she's got loads of new friends to buy drinks for !

Anonymous said...

You nasty cynical person - can't you see she's just trying to re-invent herself as a caring, sharing 'Mother Earth' type figure?
Personally though, I think she should've taken the lead from Kylie and bought some shiny gold hotpants instead.

Perfect Model Citizen said...

I laughed out loud when I read her comments about public exclusion.
Is this the same Ann Keen who never holds 'open' surgeries ?