Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The Parade in Pictures

Scenes from the Isleworth Remembrance Day Parade -
Sunday, 9th November 2008

A section of the parade in North Street shortly after march-off. Behind Councillor Paul Fisher and myself are Mary Macleod, the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Brentford and Isleworth and (partially obscured) Councillor Barbara Reid.

Residents of Isleworth pay their solemn respects to those local servicemen who gave their lives in two World Wars and other conflicts.

Local Church leaders conduct a non-denominational Service of Remembrance. My Pastor, the Reverend Antony W. Ball, is third from the left in the front row.

Councillor Paul Fisher lays a wreath on behalf of the community of Isleworth.

The Mayor, Isleworth councillor Dr. Genevieve Hibbs, represents the London Borough of Hounslow.

Nick Buss pays his respects on behalf of Isleworth Congregational Church.

The Pride of Murray Pipe Band leads the column along Twickenham Road after the Service.

Further along Twickenham Road. The blonde on my left arm is my daughter - honest!

Into Brantwood Avenue. The flag-bearer leading the parade is Vic London, active ICG member and one-time local election candidate (Osterley & Spring Grove, 2002).

On to the home straits, the marchers are led back to base by the Mayor and the Borough Commander of the Metropolitan Police, David Bilson.

Lest we forget. Wreaths at the Cenotaph pay tribute to Isleworth's fallen.


Bloomfield said...

I'm not trying to score any political points here, but glancing through all the Remembrance Sunday coverage in the local press, I saw no mention of either Alan or Ann Keen attending any of the nine(?) official ceremonies in the borough.
As our democratically elected MPs, I'd be disappointed if they failed to attend any of these events.
I presume their past record is exemplary.

Councillor Phil Andrews said...

@ Bloomfield

Our information was that Ann Keen was planning to attend Isleworth, but dropped out at the last minute.

I don't know with absolute certainty whether this is true, or if it is what her reasons were for changing her mind, but in the event she wasn't there.

I'm sure if she had been at any of the other parades she would have ensured that there was a pictoral record of the event displayed somewhere prominently. But I'm afraid beyond that I can't throw any light on the subject.

Chimera said...

I don't think there was any real prospect of Ann Keen turning up at the Isleworth service - did she turn up at last year's, or the year before that ?
Party politics aside though, I basically agree with Bloomfield - whoever our MP may be, most local people would expect them to attend a Remembrance service SOMEWHERE in their constituency.

Anonymous said...

Ann Keen at Iskleworth, your kidding right? Ann Keen likes to go where she is showered with adulation. At the Isleworth parade she'd have been about as popular as SARS.