Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Three Wise Men?

Probably not. But Council Leader Peter Thompson, Deputy Leader Mark Bowen and I did our best to give full and honest answers when questions were put to us by residents at what will hopefully have been the first of many Question Time events hosted by the London Borough of Hounslow's Overview & Scrutiny Committee at the Civic Centre last night.

Questions were asked on a whole range of subjects, including parking, leisure, social services, conservation and the credit crunch. O&SC Chair Councillor Peter Carey, who was superb as Master of Ceremonies for the event, then put them to each of us for our comments.

There is never too much we can do to engage reisdents and to find out what their concerns really are. Although the gathering last night was too small to be accepted with confidence as being reliably representative, it enabled us to make a very good start.


Window shopper said...

I guess it didn't help being such a cold evening.
As interested parties were invited to register beforehand, was a larger audience expected ?
More curiously though, if you guys were the Three Wise Men, who on earth was playing the Immaculate Virgin ?
Hard enough to find WISE MEN these days !

Councillor Phil Andrews said...

There were about 90 residents, plus some councillors past and present and a few officers of the council. The attendance was fairly much as expected.