Sunday, 21 June 2009

A strangely retrograde step

Unconfirmed rumours are reaching us that Hounslow Central Labour councillor Nisar Malik has been deselected by his own ward party, meaning that he'll have to look elsewhere for a seat to contest if he is to be in the running for a place on the next Borough Council.

I have made it clear before that in my view Nisar is one of New Labour's better councillors in Hounslow. He has a sincere commitment to building Community Cohesion and has been gracious and measured in his dealing with ICG councillors in a way that is untypical for a member of his Group. One is tempted to wonder whether this was the cause of his undoing.

Whilst the case for his selection or deselection is a matter for the Labour Party and not really any of my business, if this rumour is true this would appear to me to be a strangely retrograde step for a local party which after all isn't exactly overflowing with talent at this immediate moment in time.

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Anonymous said...

I don't sure your enthusiasm for Malik. Was he not the councillor who attacked your group and the Conservatives for being "too white"?

In my opinion a councillor is a councillor and is elected to represent everybody. It is offensive to suggest that a white councillor can only represent white constituents.