Sunday, 13 September 2009

Too far from (second) home?

I spent a very fulfulling afternoon today in Hounslow attending a birthday celebration of the twin sons of a good friend.

There were many people there with whom I was acquainted, including...the Indian Minister for Health!

And in his company, and doing the rounds, was no less than a copy of my blog article from yesterday morning!

No sign of Ann Keen though. Possibly a bit too far from home?

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Expenses Doctor said...

Absentee Annie, parody of virtue
Will you be paying us back ?
Gordon has said you must follow his lead
Putting you all on the rack
But you broke no rules you'll prob'ly say once again
Echoed by all of your friends
The system was flawed and scrutiny too weak
The excuses will never end
Open to exploitation, an invitation to get rich quick
Gratefully accepted though you knew it was wrong
Honourable members taking the mick
Hands in the till, filling their boots
Some claims were truly outrageous
Selfish demands from all sides of the house
The greed was clearly contagious
Some worse than others, shameless in fact
And all following the 'rules' to the letter
But the game was far too easy to play
And we hoped OUR MP would know better
A blocked toilet here, two sat-navs there
Were these really legitimate expenses ?
Constituents are often hauled into court
For far less serious offences
So pay it all back, even if you are'nt ordered
The gravy train's hit the buffers
Legg and Lyon are searching the wreckage
Weeding out all the shysters and duffers
Apply your own ethics, salvage some pride
You'll be the toast of Labour headquarters
And your public will no longer give a stuff
If you want to be rude to reporters !