Friday, 2 October 2009

ICG deplores recent activity of the BNP

From the Independent Community Group website today:

"ICG Councillors were disturbed to discover that BNP supporters from outside the Borough were congregating last Wednesday at a local pub in a private meeting. The ICG deplore any activity by the BNP and are particularly concerned that they are once again targeting this Borough for their brand of slick-racism especially at a time when people are feeling vulnerable.

"We believe that the landlord in question took the booking in all innocence and will be approaching him with an open mind: nevertheless it is important that he is aware of the dangers to the Borough of hosting this organisation not to mention (his establishment) being known as a BNP hangout."

Since the above was written I know that the landlord, who is currently unavailable, has been contacted by e-mail and we are awaiting a response. We are not presently of the view that the booking was taken in the knowledge that it was being made by the BNP, however we will be in a position to confirm or deny this shortly.

Whatever the circumstances of the booking, we will not accept BNP activity on our watch.


Anonymous said...

If you go down to the pub tonight
Watch out for the BNP
They're real, they're here, their money's no good
Persona non grata you see
They're drinking our ale, they're breathing our air
A shameless display of rapacity
Some probably occupy council homes
Can you believe their audacity ?
And some have got jobs, high earners to boot
Earning an honest crust
Uniformed men, professional men
Positions of power and trust
So what am I missing, where's their bullets and bombs ?
Are they truly our greatest foe ?
How many people have THEY blown up ?
I really want to know
Wolves in sheeps clothing, we can move them along
Maybe right out of our manor
But they'll never give up, just find a new lair
Still united under their banner
I'm no fan of theirs despite all this jesting
But look what happened in May
A million people gave them their vote
A million racists per se ?
They're riding the tide, throwing out sweets
While the others are losing their flavour
Using a carefully tailored approach
To advance and curry new favour
So who is to blame, them or us ?
Should we really be using our voice ?
If we outlaw all dishonest men
They'd be no politics, no parties, no choice !

Councillor Phil Andrews said...

A well written verse I'll grant you, but as I am an elected councillor representing possibly 1,000 people to whom the BNP would deny the right of equal citizenship my duty to them outweighs any airy-fairy notion about absolute free speech without social responsibility.

Anyway the landlord exercised his democratic right to send them packing. How's that for free speech and striking a blow for the rights which come with property ownership?