Thursday, 8 April 2010

Full candidate list for London Borough of Hounslow local elections 2010

No spin, no comment - just the list as it was announced today (sitting councillors in purple):


BANERJI, Reetendra (Lib Dem)
BEUMER, Alexander (Bedfont Ind Alliance)
BRABY, Patricia (Lib Dem)
BRUCE, Thomas (Labour)
GOODWIN, Margaret (Bedfont Ind Alliance)
GUPTA, Saghin (Labour)
HILLS, Peter (Bedfont Ind Alliance)
JHOOTI, Rajinder (Lib Dem)
MAMMATT, Liz (Conservative)
MEIER, Richard (BNP)
MORGAN, Norcliffe (Labour)
PRUDEN, Bernard (Conservative)
SANCHEZ, Rodrigo (Conservative)


BLEAKLEY, Tracey (Conservative)
BOURKE, Joseph (Lib Dem)
CADBURY, Ruth (Labour)
COLLINS, Mel (Labour)
DAKERS, Andrew (Lib Dem)
DYKES, Nicola (Conservative)
FIRKINS, John (Green)
FORD, Colin (Conservative)
HARMER, Matt (Labour)
NAQVI, Mona (Lib Dem)


BLEACH, Martin (Green)
HOPPER, David (Labour)
McGREGOR, Gerald (Conservative)
OULDS, Robert (Conservative)
PILLAI, Evangeline (Christian People's Alliance)
SOLEY, Anita (Labour)
THOMAS, Julie (Lib Dem)
TODD, John (Conservative)


ATKINSON, Judy (Labour)
BALLENTYNE, Phyllis (Lib Dem)
BARWOOD, Felicity (Conservative)
GOLDSMITH, Daniel (Green)
HEARN, Sam (Conservative)
LYNCH, Paul (Conservative)
O'BRADY, Niamh (Labour)
YATES, Valerie (Labour)


BOWDREY, Leslie (Conservative)
BUTT, Iqbal (Conservative)
CHATT, John (Labour)
DHILLON, Poonam (Labour)
EMMAMBOKUS, Shafick (Conservative)
GILL, Sarb (Beavers Cranford Party)
KAD, Parmod (Beavers Cranford Party)
MARAS, Sukhdev (Beavers Cranford Party)
SANGHA, Sohan (Labour)


BOWEN, Mark (Conservative)
DHALIWAL, Sukhbir (Labour)*
DUDEE, Dharmpal (Labour)
EDWARDS, Douglas (Lib Dem)
HUTCHISON, Gillian (Conservative)
WILSON, Allan (Conservative)
YATES, Syd (Labour)

* Sukhbir Dhaliwal currently represents Heston West


BENNETT, Joan (Lib Dem)
BOTTERILL, Colin (Conservative)
COOPER, John (Labour)
HARRIS, Barbara (Conservative)
KHAN, Koisor (Conservative)
MITCHELL, Alan (Labour)
SCARLETT, Sarah (Labour)


BARBER, Alan (Labour)
DARAZ, Ann (Conservative)
DARAZ, Michael (Conservative)
HUGHES, David (Labour)
MACINTOSH, Ian (Hanworth Ind Alliance)
MALHOTRA, Mukesh (Labour)
MORGAN-WATTS, Andrew (Conservative)
NAKAMURA, Linda (Hanworth Ind Alliance)
NELHAMS, Christopher (Hanworth Ind Alliance)
SMITH, Robert (Lib Dem)
TAYLOR, Maureen (BNP)
WILLIAMS, Roger (Ind)


BAYLEY, Adrian (Labour)
CHAUDRI, Abid (Labour)
JABBAL, Paul (Conservative)
MARTIN, Simon (Lib Dem)
SRA, Anant (Labour)
STEWART, Rebecca (Conservative)
WILLIAMS, Beverley (Conservative)


DHILLON, Amarjit (Conservative)
DHILLON, Gopal (Labour)
GILL, Mohinder (Labour)
LAKHANPAUL, Bhupindar (Conservative)
MALIK, Karamat (Conservative)
TRIPATHI, Vedhardhan (Ind)
VAUGHT, Peta (Labour)


BHATTI, Mohammad (Ind)*
DHIRI, Meenu (Conservative)
KAUR, Kamaljit (Labour)
KENTON, Michael (Conservative)
LAL, Gurmail (Labour)
MANN, Amritpal (Labour)
MARBROW, Nicholas (Ind)*
STEFANO-POULOS, Athanass (Conservative)
RUSHWORTH, Ian (Green)

* Mohammed Bhatti and Nicholas Marbrow are fighting on the same ticket


ATHWAL, Gubachan (Conservative)
BATH, Raj (Labour)
BRABY, Bernard (Lib Dem)
BUTT, Mohammad (Lib Dem)
ELLIOTT, Alan (Lib Dem)
GREWAL, Sukhjit (Conservative)
HUGHES, Elizabeth (Labour)
MATTU, Ragveer (Conservative)
RAJAWAT, Shantanu (Labour)


ALI, Syed (Lib Dems)
BATH, Lily (Labour)
DILLON, Prianka (Conservative)
TARIQ, Mohammad (Conservative)
GREWAL, Ajmer (Labour)*
GREWAL, Pritam (Labour)
HOLMES, Toby (Green)
QUICK, Christine (Conservative)

* Ajmer Grewal currently represents Hounslow West


BILLENNESS, Sally (Lib Dem)
CHEEMA, Dalbir (Ind)
CONNELLY, John (Hounslow Ind Alliance)
DHALIWAL, Surjit (Hounslow Ind Alliance)
ELLAR, Colin (Labour)
GILL, Pendhar (Conservative)
GODFREY, Ranjiv (Conservative)
GREWAL, Dharshan (Labour)
KATHURIA, Sneh (Conservative)
SINGH, Mohinder (Hounslow Ind Alliance)
SMART, Corinna (Labour)


DAVIES, Linda (Conservative)
DORAN, Tricia (ICG)
EVANS, Nicola (Green)
FISHER, Brad (Conservative)
FISHER, Pam (Conservative)
KHAN, Cheryl-Ann (ICG)
MALIK, Zara (Labour)
MURPHY, Martin (ICG)
WETZEL, Dave (Labour)
WHATLEY, Bob (Labour)


AGRAWAL, Vikas (Ind)
DHILLON, Ajmer (Labour)
DHIRI, Lata (Conservative)
MAJID, Abdul (Conservative)
MORSON, Winston (Green)
PASHA, Noor (Lib Dem)
SHARMA, Jagdish (Labour)
SOND, Balvir (Labour)
VINEY, Anthony (Conservative)


BAINS, Mindu (Labour)
BINNS, Andrew (Conservative)
FERRIS, John (Green)
MAYNE, Ed (Labour)
SAMPSON, Sue (Labour)
STOKER, Jennifer (Conservative)
VOUGIOUKAS, Jane (Conservative)


ATWAL, Harleen (Labour)
BEATON, Tom (Green)
CAREY, Peter (Conservative)
CHOUDHRY, Virender (Labour)
JAMES, John (Lib Dem)
MALIK, Nisar (Labour)*
O'REILLY, Sheila (Conservative)
REID, Barbara (Conservative)

* Nisar Malik currently represents Hounslow Central


ANDREWS, Caroline (ICG)
BRADLEY, John (Green)
CURRAN, Steve (Labour)
DENNISON, Theo (Labour)
ELLAR, Jason (Labour)
FISHER, Shirley (ICG)
HUNT, John (Green)
POOLEY, Brenda (Conservative)
SCOTT, Diane (Green)
STANNILAND, Helen (Conservative)
THOMAS, Victoria (Conservative)


AGIUS, Anthony (Green)
DAVIES, Samantha (Conservative)
LEE, Adrian (Conservative)
MANN, Ian (Lib Dem)
MAYORCAS, Jack (Labour)
McLOUGHLIN, David (Labour)
NATHAN, Peter (Labour)
THOMPSON, Peter (Conservative)


Dishonesty/Politics ? said...

Looks like Syon is going to be much more hotly contested this time round.
Everyone seems to fancy their chances there and the vote is likely to be stretched right across the board.
What's more important - holding Syon or breaking through in Hounslow South ?
The way things have turned out, I can't help thinking you're overextending yourself and you're going to have to compromise somewhere.

Councillor Phil Andrews said...

LOL, nice try chap but the Syon/Hounslow South issue could and should have been resolved to everybody's satisfaction a year ago.

Dishonesty/Politics ? said...

Not too sure we're on the same wavelength !
The point I was trying to make was that the declared field for Syon this round looks more a "Grand National" field - large in number with several 'unknown quantities'
(THREE Green candidates and A UKIP ?)
Anything could happen, as per the "Grand National", so I'm guessing that you're going to have to spend more than you'd really like to campaigning in Syon.

Nothing sinister in that - I'm not expecting you to reveal your election strategy for all to see on here !

Councillor Phil Andrews said...

Sorry if I read too much into your post D/P, but you'll understand that there are those who would obviously have preferred us not to have stood in Hounslow South. I would have preferred them not have stood in Isleworth or Syon, but at the end of the day it's a free country.

It does seem though when all is said and done that we the ones they are all gunning for. Personally I take that as a compliment.

The Thinker said...

Do you think it beyond the realms of possibility that the Tories and Labour will be working a double act where the ICG are concerned?

Think about it - the Tories want an overall majority above all else and Labour want shot of the ICG, even if it means putting the Tories in charge. What that means my friend is that you have your backs to the wall with the whole damn lot of them coming at you.

Do you think it is a coincidence that the Greens are targetting Syon? My bottom dollar says one or

Councillor Phil Andrews said...


Yes of course it has occurred to us that the two big parties have a convergence of interests, that need not of course imply any conscious conspiracy between them.

I don't believe though that there was any external influence upon the Greens. Locally they are a nice bunch but not famous for their tactical acumen. The information I have is that they extrapolated some data from the EU elections and deduced that Syon was the ward in which they had the highest support. The fact that the ICG took 44% of the vote at the last locals and did not contest the EU elections doesn't seem to have been factored into their calculations at all!

To be honest I'm more concerned about the potential impact of the Green in Hounslow South than the three in Syon. Their intervention will favour the Tories as they tend to attract a similar type of voter to us, and they will also provide a refuge for disgruntled Labour voters. In Syon the Tories are too far behind for that to make a great deal of difference, but in Hounslow South it will be a problem that we will need to overcome.

That is one of the reasons why we are concentrating a large part of our effort into Hounslow South.

Anonymous said...

You do realise you are going to lose your seats don't you? The general election is going to do for you lol.

One of the 20% NOT satisfied with Hounslow Homes said...

Can't say I agree with the earlier analysis by Dishonesty.
Granted, looking at the declared field for Syon, the ICG will probably have to spend more time campaigning there than they would like, but I can't see how this would "overextend" them ?
Don't forget, last time they contested FOUR wards rather than three.
I'm more interested in what's likely to happen in Cranford and the Heston's, aren't you Phil ?