Monday, 24 May 2010

"We have assumed control..."

I have become an occasional visitor to Councillor Ruth Cadbury's new blog. Ruth, for those who don't know her, has been the Deputy Leader of the Labour Group for several years and is now Deputy Leader of the London Borough of Hounslow following her party's victory in the recent local elections. Indeed in her personal profile she reminds us that "Labour took back control of Hounslow on 6th May".

Some of the most recent entries make interesting reading. A letter allegedly from an enquirer called Kerry back in April asked: "I have been searching on the Internet to see who controlled Hounslow Council, and found out that it was controlled by Labour from 1971 to 2006, when labour lost control."

Fast forward to May 7th, and Ruth is pondering the outcome of the local elections, where the ballot papers are still being counted. She was "off to the Council count to see...whether we managed to...take back control of Hounslow".

Sure enough, a little while later she was able to announce: "Labour Takes Control of Hounslow, ICG out". Those who follow her on Twitter were similarly treated to the news: "Wow back in control of the council!"

Like the rest of us who had been engaged in a gruelling campaign she presumably took a well deserved rest for a few days, but Ruth was blogging once again on May 20th. Recalling the events of a couple of weeks previous she reminds us: "Friday 7th, we went to bed knowing we had gained control of Hounslow council".

Indeed, across London "we had taken control of 18 councils, up from 9".

I tried to leave a comment under one of Ruth's articles but regrettably she declined to publish it. I guess that is one's prerogative when one is in control.


Anonymous said...

LOL control, control its all Labour are interested in.

So should I gather from your headline that you are a Rush enthusiast?

Phil Andrews said...

Aye that chap.

And if you are too, you will understand that things are currently at the point where the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx have just begun to get their feet under the table.

Anonymous said...

Temples of Syrinx mate, you been listening to too much Rush!

Anonymous said...

Quick Phil, Cllr Cadbury has actually published TWO critical comments on her blog !
Why not have another go yourself while she's being so accomodating.