Saturday, 14 August 2010

Ziggy Stardust came from Isleworth...



Anonymous said...

Don't forget Dave Brock of Hawkwind Phil.
Where would we be if it wasn't for "Silver Machine" ?

Phil Andrews said...

To my eternal shame I didn't know Dave Brock was born in Isleworth.

Didn't realise he'll be 69 next week either, doesn't time fly quickly when you're getting old?

Anonymous said...

Come now Phil, next you'll be telling us you didn't know that another locally born rock god, namely Ian Gillan, was once a member of groovy beat combo Episode Six before he started getting down & dirty with Deep Purple.

Spookily, Mr Gillan has also celebrated his birthday recently - happy 65th Ian and No Sleepin' On The Job !

Phil Andrews said...

No, I knew that one.

Also Dave Cousins of the Strawbs went to my old school. When hearing of his choice of career my old headmaster, the late Gerry Courtney, remarked at a PTA meeting: "What a terrible shame, he had everything going for him"!

By a curious coincidence I bumped into Dave Cousins' ex-wife when attending a church service on the Isle of Sheppey a few years back. I only found out who she was when I told her I was from Isleworth. Small world.

Anonymous said...

Now let me see:

Dave Cousins - born 1945
Phil Andrews - born 1961

I know you didn't claim to be classmates Phil, but honestly !

Did I tell you about the time I almost met Richard Stilgoe ?

Phil Andrews said...

Like you say, I didn't claim we were classmates or that we were both at the school at the same time, so with respect I don't really understand your point.

Sophie Ellis-Baxtor, Davina McCall and Kate Beckinsale all went to the same school as my daughter but that doesn't make any of them 13.