Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Some people just don't get it

An excellent analysis of the Woolas ruling by blogger Cory Hazlehurst. There's nothing that really needs to be added:

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Anonymous said...

Prominent politician, caught red-handed spouting crap
Went too far at election time and fell into a trap
Desperate for victory, he flushed his ethics down the drain
Won the seat dubiously, but sowed the seeds for later shame
When it all came back to haunt him, there was such a hue & cry
Widespread condemnation and comrades left him out to dry
Name appropriately blackened, his career is surely finished
While the arbiters who sealed his fate remain proud and undiminished

Who are these people, what are their 'rules', with powers to cure or to kill ?
MOST politicians sail too close to the wind, always have done and always will
So how do they judge when it's gone too far, when a gust has become a gale ?
Are there different degrees of dishonesty, all marked on a sliding scale ?
How ever they've made their decision, Mr Woolas has failed their test
One rogue in a house of 600, have they looked at ANY of the rest ?
And before we all point our fingers and proclaim him an x-rated offender
Who's NEVER pulled a similar stroke to promote their OWN selfish agenda ?