Thursday, 30 June 2011

No Particular Reason For Posting But... occurred to me today that I have not made a new post on this blog for the whole of June, and June will be leaving us in about half an hour from now.

Pressures of work, I am afraid, but normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

I am still around - some will be pleased to hear that, others less so.


No Particular Reason For Responding But..... said...

Planning Committees - who needs 'em ?
Public Notices - who reads 'em ?
Improve your home with no interference
Bring in the cowboys without seeking clearance
Back garden development, always fair game
Anything goes, no conscience, no shame
A pub in your shed, a mosque with minarets
A retreat for gambling, roll up with your bets
Dens of iniquity, bunga bunga parties
Pills of every colour, handed 'round like smarties
With nobody to vet us, will we simply misbehave ?
Selfishness on top, civility in the grave ?
Total disorder, if left to our own devices
Lawless LBH - a community in crisis

Cadre cad said...

Fascinating that a new revamped version of much maligned council rag "Hounslow Matters" should be hitting the streets right now.

An update on Labour's five key election pledges, including 'the one' about 100 extra uniformed officers, is of particular interest.

According to the text, this new administration is planning to invest more than £250k for nine additional PC's and a sergeant, as well as supporting a campaign to recruit 100 volunteer special constables.

Since when did local councils 'pay' for police officers and more to the point, what about the local neighbourhood police teams whose numbers have been cut from six members to just four or less in most wards and will probably be soon reduced even further ?