Thursday, 17 May 2012

Another Isleworth Councillor on the LBH Executive

At the Annual Meeting of Borough Council on Tuesday (it's to all intents and purposes a kind of AGM but doesn't appear to have an official title) another Isleworth councillor was promoted to the Council Executive.

Councillor Sue Sampson is now the Council's Lead Member for Performance and Customer Care, joining fellow Isleworth member Ed Mayne who remains Lead Member for Community Safety and Regulatory Services (the former half of that portfolio having been held by yours truly between 2006 and 2009).

Meanwhile Syon councillor Steve Curran holds what appears to be a rather large portfolio as Lead Member for Education, Housing and Human Resources and his ward colleague Theo Dennison has the influential task of chairing the Sustainable Development Committee (with Councillor Curran as his Vice Chair).

It is pleasing to see our own local representatives having such an input and playing such an important role. I am particularly pleased for Sue as I feel she is suited by temperament for the post for which she has been chosen, and I say this notwithstanding some of the disagreements we've had over the negative electioneering methods with which she has been associated in the past, a thing which to be fair was to some extent a cultural trait inherited from some of her predecessors.

I am sure she will make a success of her new appointment and I wish her all the very best.

The full list of appointments can be viewed at the London Borough of Hounslow website.


Edinburgh Flats said...

I really like following your blog as the articles are so simple to read and follow.

Phil Andrews said...

Thanks Edinburgh Flats. And I'll be coming over to you for a reciprocal link soon so please keep your eye open for me ;o)

Miss Guydid said...

Have you seen the latest LBH consultation document doing the rounds Phil - "Improving Community Engagement In Area Committees May 2012".

Are they Mad ?
The very thought of hoi polloi riff-raff being granted admission to such prestigious meetings, never mind being allowed to participate !

The shame and ignominy our councillors have to suffer in the name of democracy.

Leave it all up to them - they know best, or so they keep telling us.

Hugh Janus said...

I assume the Miss Guydid post was an attempt at being ironic.

The truth is there is no point in Area Committees saying anything to improve community engagement because the Environment Director, who much more than the ruling Labour group sets council policy on these things, would not stand for anything that improves community engagement. Indeed the Area Committees have already been half abolished on his say so. So this is a lot of baloney and so much hot air.

The Labour administration is talking up community engagement in one breath whilst systematically phasing it out. So in that sense it is probably the most Janus-faced admin we have yet had, giving it large about the things it knows it should be doing whilst actually doing the opposite. Don't be fooled by their words Phil, but study their deeds. You have been around long enough and are clever enough to surely realise what is going on so why are people worried that you are buying into this crude slight of hand card trick?

Phil Andrews said...

Dunno about being clever but I've certainly been around politics for long enough to know how these things work Hugh. Why did you think I wouldn't?

Anonymous said...

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that Environment now falls under Colin Ellar rather than Corinna Smart?

Phil Andrews said...

Not sure, but there is more grief coming our way from the Environment Department as I write. I won't say too much here because it is to be the topic of a new post over the next day or two.