Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Public Meeting to Discuss River Crane Pollution - Twickenham Library, July 11th

Whilst we're on the subject of Thames Water, a Public Meeting is to be held at Twickenham Library on Wednesday 11th June, starting at 7.30pm, to discuss the recent sewage spill and its devastating effects on the River Crane.

Representatives from Thames Water, which is being prosecuted by the Environment Agency for the sewage release, will be present at the meeting to answer questions. Friends of the River Crane Environment (FORCE), who have organised the meeting, are hoping for big public support. Please come along if you are able.


Anonymous said...

.......and don't forget that the WHOLE of Isleworth's Duke of Northumberlands River was devastated by this incident.

Why, our friends at Mogden even closed the public footpath running through their works back in October to spare us the sight of countless dead fish and even more floating turds !

Anonymous said...

Thames will simply say sorry and they are doing all possible to prevent it happening again, like expanding the site to ensure more sewage odour and hopefully less sewage flows into its uncovered storm tanks and hopefully less flow into the rivers. However, they probably won't tell people how much more profit they hope to achieve by creating this environmental monster.