Sunday, 16 September 2012

Yes, We Call it Dishonesty!

I've just read the following on the blog of Councillor Ruth Cadbury, former Deputy Leader of Hounslow Council and still obsessive partyist:

"Before I left the Civic Centre on Tuesday I signed the order to repair the roof at St John’s Community Centre in Isleworth...the issue was in my In-tray when I took over Cabinet responsibility for Assets in May this year, and as soon as committee members showed me round the centre, I ensured we had funds in the capital budget to cover the repair costs and instructed officers to go out to tender."

It would have been too much to have expected Ruth to acknowledge that this money was made available to the St. John's Centre by community councillors at the request of residents at the Borough Council Budget Meeting in April 2010, and was opposed by her and her colleagues, but for her to now effectively try to take the credit for the allocation really does take the biscuit, notwithstanding the fact that the current administration has added a small amount to the kitty presumably in order to provide a hook for such a claim.

Ruth once infamously justified the practice of telling lies during election campaigns at a Borough Council meeting with the immortal words: "You call it dishonesty, we call it politics".

Despite the noble sentiments of Councillor Theo Dennison when trying to convince us otherwise it is clear to me that Labour in Hounslow has not changed one iota.

Councillor Cadbury's article has inclined me towards the view that the ICG should involve itself once more in the 2014 local elections.


Anonymous said...

Phil, presumeably you've exercised your democratic right to register your displeasure at this on her blog/website and she's exercised hers by ignoring you as usual !

Phil Andrews said...

No, I didn't bother this time.

Still the same said...

Why did you think these people had changed? Aside from Theo Dennison's comments on the forums it seems fairly much business as usual to me. It's as though 2006 just never happened.

Anonymous said...

There is another good reason why it is essential for ICG councillors to be restored at least in Isleworth and that is Mogden.

Even if not in office ICG councillors can hold Environment officers to account while at the moment they are not only running rings around councillors including the lead member but actually laughing in the faces of local residents. Only ICG councillors have shown any inclination to bring a halt to this kind of thing.

Please don't forget Mogden when the ICG makes its big decision because on that issue Labour are nowhere near to delivering for local people.

Phil Andrews said...

Point well made Anon.

Plagiarism = Power said...

NOW IT'S OFFICIAL ! - Conclusive proof that every last vestige of ICG benevolence is being expunged from the anals of council HQ.

You call it dishonesty, they call it.....a huge vote winner for the next election !

Phil Andrews said...

Except that this is actually a huge vote loser.

I understand the argument that lying is okay in politics, but surely that only applies when the lie actually serves some purpose?

In this instance the people who are being lied to know they are being lied to - not the smartest of political strategies surely?

Then again this is not in Ruth's ward, so maybe she is not too bothered about the consequences.

Phil Andrews said...

Since typing the above Theo Dennison appears to have placed some distance between himself and these comments, over on the Brentford TW8 community forum.

What is most irritating about Ruth's behaviour is that she absolutely cannot and will not acknowledge the independent role of the community in anything.

I think the sight of residents acting together outside of her party's orbit really does trouble her. She needs to take something for it or it is going to start interfering with her sleep patterns.

Anonymous said...

You've got your answer on the TW8 forum Phil. The old guard are lining up behind Taylor not Dennison. Nothing has changed. You need to persuade the committee to fight, if you still have the influence to do that. There is not one good reason you could give me to hand the future to Labour on a plate.

When is a Rose not a Rose ? said...


Who'd have thought that the mystical multiculturist would still be exerting his strange, svengali-like influence over the local Labour party ?

Similarly, confusion reigns concerning his alleged 'membership'.

Is he one of them or not ?

Sadly we'll never know because apparently he does'nt read this splendid blog.