Wednesday, 6 February 2013

LBH Twits Move to Silence their own Councillor

The London Borough of Hounslow has sent another shot across the bows of its outspoken Chair of Planning and community-friendly Syon councillor Theo Dennison by announcing a ban on members tweeting from Council meetings.

Councillor Dennison had recently introduced the simple but innovative concept of tweeting live from meetings of Borough Council to keep his readers and followers informed of what was going on, but it would appear this is too much to bear for the party he represents.

Meanwhile the Hounslow Conservatives have opened a Twitter account of their own at @LBHConservative to "hear from residents any ideas and/or suggestions they have for questions and motions".

Councillor Dennison is at @syonward.

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Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic perhaps, but have you seen LBH's latest consultation document/questionnaire "Local Plan Policy Options" ?

23 pages long containing 81 questions - sample question (number 3) "Do you support the emerging spatial strategy" ?

English is my first language and I'm struggling to make much sense of it !

Even so, I have heard that an early opinion poll conducted by our old friends Mugabe & Sons suggests that at least 105% of all local residents are expected to agree with every proposal.