Thursday, 4 July 2013

Bringing Out Faith in Humankind

In the short month that has passed since I posted up the article Why Does Labour Want the ICG to Contest the 2014 Local Elections? the organisation has probably received more attention and enquiries than it had done for the previous twelve months.

Reporters have asked to meet us with press photographers in tow, new residents' groups and old ones have been linking up with us, borough-wide bodies representing various interest groups have been keen to establish common ground, and other independents and small parties have looked to discuss strategic alliances or even just to ask for advice.

Of course we are only too aware that, should we decide to run for office again in 2014, no number of alliances or private discussions will benefit us if we don't do the hard but really vital work on the doorsteps. But the volume of telephone calls and e-mails certainly puts paid to any ideas anyone may have had that the ICG is a spent force that can safely be discounted at the ballot box.


Roman-A-Clef said...

I guess a number of people were rather surprised to see that piece in the local press recently, particularly as it had been 'strategically' inserted under a somewhat uncomplimentary article about a current Labour councillor !

Basil Fawlty said...

Hounslow Council are behaving just like me are they - ignoring the proletariat while kowtowing to the bourgeoisie ?

What's wrong with that and what's it got to do with you ?

Mind your own business - this is exactly how Nazi Germany began !