Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Delivering for the People

Somebody with a sense of humour sent me the above message - a job advert issued by the London Borough of Hounslow. It seems LBH are looking for two Community Engagement Officers, and are offering a salary starting at £31,296.

I wouldn't be so arrogant as to assume that I could walk into a job such as this under any circumstances. All the same I might not be considered unreasonable for thinking that with decades of commitment to community building behind me - including having been a founding and organising member of a large community group, a community councillor, LBH's Lead Member for Community Safety and initiator of multi-million pound community projects - I might under other conditions have been in with a shout. And it would certainly represent a substantial pay rise from the work I am currently doing.

Will I be applying? Will I heck. Because with the track record of Hounslow's ruling party when it comes to working in partnership with the community I can be confident that Hounslow's concept of community engagement and mine are no more similar than a stick of chalk and a mighty slab of Camembert.

Be in no doubt that these posts will be political appointments. Any engagement will be limited in its scope and strictly on the local authority's terms. You read it here first. As for me, if my destiny is to deliver for the people then my vehicle for doing so for the forseeable future is likely to be this one:


Dick Turpin said...

Phil - in case you didnt notice the present administration is in office because it won 49 seats on the council out of 60. Thats a majority. It is this administrations prerogative and duty to decide its own terms of community engagement and if they are different to yours than thats too bad. You lost the election or did you forget. Quit whinging and get a job somewhere here they are interested in what you got to say because your right, nobody at Hounslow would touch you with a barge pole.

Phil Andrews said...

Fair enough Mr. Dick, it's your council and yours to run how you please. This is my blog, same rule applies.

Dick Turpin said...

You got a job anyway your a postman lol

Phil Andrews said...

Once again you cannot help but betray the contempt you and your type have for the workers whom you profess to champion.