Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Well done Carol

I have to confess that I only watch (or rather listen to) Channel 4's Deal or No Deal, presented by Noel Edmonds, when it is on in my living room and I'm facing the opposite way, tapping away at the keyboard of my home PC.

However my ears pricked up yesterday when I heard Mr. Edmonds announce that his contestant was from Isleworth in Middlesex.

Carol Scarrott is one of my constituents, and so I turned to watch the show. I won't go into the details of how it's played, but for those who are interested all the information can be found here on the show's official website.

In the event Carol decided to accept an offer of £16,000 - very often a wise decision but in her case, sadly, she later learned she would have gone on to win £100,000 had she held out.

Obviously it is a game of luck, and she could just of easily have declined the offer and gone away with nothing. That's the way the game goes.

All the same £16k was a good day's work, and I'd like to congratulate Carol and hope she enjoys her winnings.


Anonymous said...

A rather tenuous Isleworth/TV link I'll admit, but your piece reminded me of the time when notorious comedy actor Bob Todd visited South Street in the early 70's.
Several versions of this momentous day have been doing the rounds for years and annoyingly, no-one can seem to agree what really happened.
What isn't in doubt though is that he arrived as part of a "Sooty Show" ensemble filming in and around the Public Hall and during the numerous breaks in the shoot, kept absconding into the Kings Arms for refreshment.
By all accounts, he is credited with saying and doing all sorts of things as his state of inebriation was heightened with each illicit sortie.
Izzy wizzy, let's get busy - I wonder if Mr Corbett actually paid him afterwards ?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Bob Todd 'aving it large in the Kings Arms thirty-odd years ago!
Come on Isleworth Society, put a statue of him in the car park.