Monday, 20 October 2008

Giving a new meaning to travelling to work

Isn't modern technology wonderful? Less than ten minutes ago I took this, admittedly rather grotty photograph from the window of the 17:30 ferry from East Cowes to Southampton, and now here it is on my blog.

Over the last three days I must have done more work than I had managed during the previous fortnight. Whilst lots of people can say they travel to work, I take the notion very literally.

Please keep an eye on this blog over the next couple of days for a really big story. There are some great things happening in the community of Isleworth right now.

1 comment:

Inquisitive inquisitor said...

Been Shanklin again ?
I do believe that's at least three £9.50 mini "Sun" breaks you've had this year.
Mr Ellar will be dancing with joy, he must be able to complain to SOMEONE about this ?