Monday, 6 October 2008

Ivybridge loses a legend - but gains a blog!

It is with great regret (for us here in Isleworth) that I have to announce the departure of longtime Ivybridge residents' stalwart Tina Howe (left), who is moving elsewhere.

Tina served on the old NITA association for many years, latterly as Chair, and assumed the lead role on the new United Residents' Association (URA) when it was created last year.

The amount of hard work that Tina has put into the estate over the years is difficult to overstate, but her achievements and those of the URA under her leadership speak very much for themselves. I wish Tina and her family all the very best at their new abode, and I am confident that she will continue to serve the community on her new estate as she has done on Ivybridge.

Tina's erstwhile deputy Tony Smith, former Chair of Ivytag, has already taken over in the hot seat and one of his first deeds as Chair has been to set up a new blog to compliment the URA's existing web presence. I urge visitors to take a look and to support it with their comments.

Following in Tina's footsteps will be no mean feat (no pun intended), but I and my fellow ward councillors will be offering Tony and his team all the help we can.

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Anonymous said...

Tina was always seen as "one of the enemy" in the old Ivytag days but she inherited some bad stuff from those who came before her. When she and the Ivytagers started working together it was clear they all wanted the same thing, better services and estate improvements and a more involved community. Just shows you the benefit of communicating, and working together. The old Labour mob must have been tearing their hair out when the estate got it together and Tina did everyone proud in the ned. Good luck wherever you've gone Tina, we'll miss you here on the estate.