Sunday, 9 August 2009

Doth the Keen Machine protest too much?

My article on Friday in which the possibility of an ethical revolt wihin the ranks of the Labour Party in Hounslow following the party's announcement that it was sticking by Ann Keen seems to have ruffled some feathers.

Over at the community forum long-time Keen bag carrier Robin Taylor responded to the article in the conventional fashion, "revealing" to bored forum users for the umpteenth time that I had been a National Front member back in the 1980s.

Meanwhile on its sister site at one David McLaughlin, who would seem to be a party hack and possibly a rising star in an increasingly empty galaxy, makes much of the fact that I have not been unreservedly critical of the plucky young men and women who briefly occupied the Keens' Brentford home to highlight the fact that the his-and-hers MPs had been conning us all by claiming it to have been their primary abode while accepting handouts from the taxpayer for the purchase of their alleged "second" home, a luxury pad in Waterloo.

Mr. McLaughlin, I am guessing, is gathering quotation material for a pre-election smear leaflet in the mistaken view that the general public actually give a toss about the Keens or their long-abandoned hovel in Brook Road South. Most of people living in the immediate vicinity seem to be missing the squatters, who proved to be helpful, generous and courteous neighbours during their short tenure.

But let's get back to the substantive issue here - good people who had once given their loyalty and support to the Labour Party for the most noble of reasons. People who believe passionately in Social Justice and Equality but who do not subscribe to the smug, arrogant, unjustified assumption of social and intellectual superiority, and indifference to the inevitable reaction against the same even by so many of their own, which seems to predominate what remains of this once proud party today.

The ICG believes there must be a home, even if it is to be a temporary one, for the many sincere people who can no longer abide the company of the types who reign amid the ruins of the house of New Labour. Such people deserve better than to be consigned, fuming but powerless, to the sidelines of local politics.

We are now talking to several of such people. I repeat my appeal to those who still haven't to get in touch and to work in an organised way, if separately, with others who similarly aspire to restore some decency and honour to our local political debate.


Dishonesty/Politics ? said...

So local celebrity Lynn Faulds Wood is thinking of doing an 'Esther Rantzen' - standing in the next election against Alan or Ann Keen in protest at their expense claims.
I would imagine Robin and his harem of hotties are whooping with delight !
The further the anti-Keen vote is split, the greater their chances of miraculously holding on.

Councillor Phil Andrews said...

I was thinking pretty much the same myself, although I've probably less right to point it out than most.

Avid Reader said...

Well can you believe the audacity ?
One of Ann Keen's main cheerleaders dismissively proclaims that she's never heard of extremely well-known and widely respected journalist Lynn Faulds Wood.
Furthermore, the people of Brentford & Isleworth are invited to celebrate the somewhat obscure 'achievements' of her heroine rather than entertaining any thoughts of supporting Ms Faulds Wood should she stand for election.
A delightfully condescending missive, well done the scribes at Head Office !