Saturday, 15 August 2009

Getting ready for the big one

A dozen activists attended the ICG's first Elections Strategy sub-Committee meeting of the current campaign last night and it is clear that there is a real determination around the organisation to build on the successes of 2006.

Members agreed unanimously that the ICG should be involved again in the local elections of 2010. Whilst the increasing commitment of the main political parties to the Community Empowerment agenda introduced into our local politics by the ICG was noted, it was feared that any administration in which we were not involved would be sidetracked by other priorities and would therefore not be ruthless enough in driving the new culture through.

We in the Community Group believe there is every likelihood that the 2010 local elections will leave Hounslow once again in a state of No Overall Control. We intend to position ourselves so that we might take advantage of that situation to the benefit of our local residents.

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