Sunday, 19 September 2010

Celebrating Isleworth

It was a pleasure yesterday (Saturday) morning to help out at the Celebrating Isleworth event organised by The Isleworth Society (TIS) and which is taking place throughout the weekend at Isleworth Public Hall.

I am not going to remember all the participants so I apologise in advance to those I leave out, but from recollection they included the Safer Neighbourhood Team, Extended Schools, Isleworth Bowls Club, Friends of Osterley Park, Isleworth Town School, The Mulberry Centre, Isleworth & Hounslow Charities, Syon Park, St. John the Baptist Church and St. Mary's Church.

The Mayor of Hounslow, Colin Ellar, spent some time visiting the event and made an entertaining speech in which he openly acknowledged the unique character of Isleworth, not just in its history but also as a living community today.

As well as myself several ICG members took part in helping to promote the event, many of whom of course being involved with the participant groups themselves. Former Syon councillor Shirley Fisher manned the entrance before joining the main event in the hall, and her former ward colleague Caroline Andrews will be working during the second day of the event later today.

I will post up some photographs as soon as my children decide to tell me whereabouts in the flat the requisite USB cable has been spirited away to.


Anonymous said...

Was the event well attended Phil ?
I ask because it didn't appear to be well publicised - a small, easily overlooked piece in the local paper the only announcement I saw.
Also strange that mayor Ellar should attend, but none of the local councillors ?
Makes me wonder if invitations were ignored or not extended.

Phil Andrews said...

The event was very well attended from what I can gather. It was certainly filling out well when I was there at the start of the event on Saturday morning.

With many Isleworth-based groups involved and all the people each of those are connected with there can't have been many in Isleworth who didn't know it was happening. The idea that councillors were unaware it was taking place beggars belief. One of them is the Mayor's son for goodness' sake!

At least five of the six former ICG councillors were not only present, but assisted the community groups involved with the organisation of the event.

The Community Group, being a community group, obviously places great value on events such as these which are a very powerful means of emphasising our community's independence.