Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Who next after the Super Bees knock Everton out of the Carling Cup?

I'm still on a high after watching Brentford FC knock Everton out of the Carling Cup on penalties with the two wee ones a few hours ago.

I won't launch into a detailed analysis of the match as it has already been done several places elsewhere, but I will say that although we rode our luck at times the Bees thoroughly deserved their victory for their sheer tenacity and spirit.

Now that we're in the last sixteen there is a very good chance we'll be drawn against one of the even bigger Premier League names. With a son who supports Arsenal and a daughter who supports Chelsea that could present me with a real logistical problem.

But in the meantime let's all just savour an historic victory, and say a big "Well Done!" to Andy Scott and all the lads in the team. They did us immensely proud tonight.

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