Friday, 22 October 2010

In Memory and Honour of Cameron Short - "A true inspiration to us all"

Please donate to Charlton Farm Children's Hospice in Cameron's memory

I have found myself strangely and deeply affected over the last two days by the very sad death of a young man whom I didn't know and never met.

Cameron Short was just ten years old when, in September 2009, doctors discovered a tumour in his brain. Sadly doctors who performed tests on the growth confirmed it was cancerous.

Cameron, or Cam, was treated and operated on at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol, where he lived. He battled on for a whole year and returned to school. In September this year he became a one year survivor. Those who knew him and cared for him were amazed by the courage that he consistently showed, never complaining about his ordeal, no tantrums or tears.

Regrettably it was recently discovered that another tumour had developed and he began undergoing treatment for this.

Cam passed away peacefully and painlessly in his sleep at Charlton Farm Hospice on 20th October 2010, a place where he had spent many happy hours during his last year and in his final days, making friends with the staff who cared diligently for his every need and even helping other children to cope with their illnesses. He appeared in a film helping children to come to terms with radiotherapy and not be daunted by it.

You can see his story at Cam's Place, a lasting tribute to the life and the extraordinary courage of this wonderful boy.

My only connection with Cam was that I attended primary school with his grandmother Sharon. I hope she'll forgive me for saying that was quite a long time ago. It was through Sharon's posts on Facebook that I followed his story, and was devastated when she posted recently that doctors had given his family the news that he had only days to live.

Sharon's brother David posted on Wednesday that Cam's courage had been "a true inspiration to us all". I wouldn't try to put it better myself.

Cameron's friends and family have launched an appeal to raise funds for Charlton Farm Hospice to help them with their work for children suffering with terminal illness. Please give generously in Cam's memory to help other children to enjoy their last days in an atmosphere of love and laughter.

Please click on the button below to make your donation through JustGiving. Your details are safe and secure,the process is simple and Gift Aid will be reclaimed on every eligible donation. Thank you.


Terrie said...

Thank you for writing a lovely post about my grandson Cameron who will be missed so very much.
I cant begin to tell people how fabulous Charlton Farm is and with out them we could not have got through this.

Phil Andrews said...

It was an absolute pleasure and the least I could do Terrie.

As a father myself I felt so deeply for Cameron and for his family when I read the news on Facebook. I hope my very modest contribution to your efforts helped in some way.


I have read this Post on a few occasions --- and having recently at Camerons Birthday benefit come across others who without knowing Cameron were touched by his story felt the need to say how lovely it is that you took the time not only to be touched but to take the time to make this post...I know it means a lot to them all.....

Phil Andrews said...

Thank you for your kind words Karen. Hope the event went well.