Friday, 29 October 2010

Sorry I'm away for a week, see you in a month

Anybody who has ever been a councillor will tell you that the weeks roll very seamlessly into the months.

So Isleworth councillor Mindu Bains could be forgiven for leaving this rather confusing message for constituents who may have been trying to get hold of her between September 26th and October 26th (although this Out Of Office Auto-Reply came in response to an e-mail sent to her on October 28th).

Maybe they will have had better luck following the link to "Councillor Sue Smpson"? Or does this mean poor old Ed copped all the casework for a whole calendar month (click above image to enlarge)?


Paul Fisher said...

From what I hear it would make no difference if either Sue Sampson or Mindu Bains left their "out of office" on for a year as they have a shocking reputation anyone for responding to anything e-mailed to them

Anonymous said...

Hard luck Mindu, like it or not, you're the scandal for week 43
Your life thrust into the spotlight for all and sundry to see
Now what can we say ? Jolly bad show, unavailable for over a month
So soon after the election and such boastful publicity bumph
Perhaps there was a good reason, an emergency beyond your control
You really ought to clear the air before gossip takes it toll
We're not trying to be judgemental, but you did appeal for our votes
Going 'missing' without explanation, is likely to get all of our goats
And while we're on the subject, what about your auto-reply ?
Everything diverted to Eddie, the poor unfortunate guy
This may have been inadvertent, an oversight on your part
But it could have caused bad feeling, had he taken it to heart
It wasn't very good planning, are you really working well as a team ?
All pulling in the same direction, pursuing identical themes ?
You may think this rather alarmist, over a seemingly petty affair
But us whingeing Isleworthians expect our councillors to show more care

con-fusion said...

Usually you would just argue anyone can make an innocent mistake but these people are so sneaky and manipulative that you need to ask whether this was deliberate. Confusing a week with a month then providing a dead link to her friend Councillor Sampson leaving the link to Councillor Mayne being the only serviceable one? Nah, not buying.

Al said...

Why are you posting under Paul Fishers name when its common knowledge that Paul Fisher deserted the ICG after you lot lost the election. Paul needs to rejoin the labour party as he would make an excellent labour councillor in 2014


Phil Andrews said...

The speed and determination with which you guys are throwing away your advantage Al would deter anybody with a brain from having anything to do with the Labour Party in Isleworth for the forseeable future.

Maybe you should stand Al? You certainly have all the right credentials and your rapidly growing popularity on Ivybridge would surely make you a shoe-in?