Monday, 13 December 2010

D'oh! (Part two)

Now that I've discovered how to set the text size on this new Blogger format, I'm going back to Trebuchet.


Never mind the Trebuchet....... said...

Have we all now received the latest "Dear Occupant" letter (dated 7 December) from our good friends Thames Water in the last few days ?
No tidings of comfort & joy I'm afraid, more a prelude to chaos & disruption.
We are informed that several main roads in the Brentford/Isleworth area will be severely dug up and motorists should expect to be p*ssed off for at least SIX MONTHS beginning 4th January 2011.
Dissenters are invited to wave their willies at a special consultation meeting at the Holiday Inn, Brentford next Monday 20th December, at a time when most people will still be at work or making their way home from work (crafty VERY crafty).
If there's snow on the ground then and on the 4th January, as is being forcast, I can see both events being non-starters.

D'oh ! (Part three) said...

Well, what can you say about John Laing Leisure Services ?
Earlier this month, all the books were shuttled back to Isleworth Library ready for its long overdue re-opening, but guess what ?
The new heating system is apparently refusing to work, so normal service NOT expected to resume any time soon.


Anonymous said...


According to a cutting about the roadworks I've just been given from the "Metro"(?) newspaper, temporary traffic lights will be in operation at the junction of Linkfield Road and Twickenham Road for TWO MONTHS ! (4 Jan-4Mar)

With the long tailbacks this is likely to cause in both directions, pity the poor motorists trying to leave or enter the Town Field Estate.