Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas Everybody

I would like to wish all this blog's visitors, readers and contributors a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

Festive greetings everyone and now that you've all plucked your pheasants
A compendium of favourite things; long past, more recent and present

The smell of mown grass, Tower Bridge, Carry On Up The Khyber
Magnus Pyke, I-Spy Books and the balls of Lady Godiva
Crackerjack, hot air ballons, having a bit of a flutter
Subbuteo, cheesecloth shirts and Village Voice in the gutter
Bangers & mash, Scooby Doo, finding a quid in the road
Animal Farm, Pot Black and elephants dropping their load
Green Shield Stamps, The 'Whistle Test, Ann Robinson being unkind
Dennis the Menace, fork 'andles sketch and scratching my behind
Cheating at cards, Wacky Races, Teds in their crepes & drapes
Airfix kits, Peter Cook and outpourings of sour grapes
Waterloo Sunset, terrrible wigs, Magpie with Susan Stranks
Lemonade powder, tiddlywinks and that save by Gordon Banks
Suits of armour, Barbarella, muzak they play in big stores
Laurel & Hardy, honking geese and petulant Southall bores

High tides, Paddington Bear, Cloughies Forest of '78
Doctor Martens, Oliver Twist and loads of chips on my plate
Bowler hats, waterfalls, the old lady who swallowed a fly
Spike Milligan, grandfather clocks and breaking wind on the sly
Looking at fossils, men on stilts, nothing too salty or sweet
Penguins & puffins, microscopes and Ann Keen losing her seat
Monty Python, Georgie Best, puppies just after they're born
Wishing wells, The Albert Hall and turds on my neighbour's lawn
Sausage rolls, Hornby Trains, a gravelly voice like Joe Cocker's
Lift Off With Ayesha, kangaroos and well presented knockers
Patrick Moore, catapults, a Red Arrows flypast formation
Hectors House, ten bob notes and withholding co-operation
Whole Lotta Rosie, autumn leaves, The Count Of Monte Cristo
Mandarin ducks, coconut shyes and Deller beating Bristow

The flag of St George, Vision On, messing about on boats
Pinky & Perky, stylophones and barnets like Ralph Coates
Flying a kite, beans on toast, villages rather than cities
Fanny Craddock, bubble wrap and hopeless planning committees
Nelsons Column, Lost In Space, Yorkshire pudding & roast beef
Action men, dusty old maps and Bob Todd without his teeth
Vinyl records, Jekyll & Hyde, a black cat crossing my path
Pans People, a nine dart leg and singing rude songs in the bath
Electric eels, jamboree bags, Henry Cooper's left hook
Bless This House, murray mints and Gaddafi's little green book
Captain Scarlet, Windsor Castle, cheddar cheese on cream crackers
Pretty Vacant, bumble bees and Vinnie twisting Paul's knackers
Passing the buck, Steptoe & Son, plasticine and play-doh
H.G Wells, timber yards and bolshie Zippy from Rainbow

The Dick Emery Show, paper planes, tombolas and lucky dips
Sham 69, porcupine quills and MPs on ego trips
Fruit & nut, Acorn Antiques, John McEnroe's legend'ry rants
HMS Victory, Spiderman and wearing my lucky pants
Brian Cant, skimming stones, Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plotters
Buckaroo, quarter moons and the wonderful Brook Road squatters
Lava lamps, footprints in snow, dogs chasing squirrels in parks
Mickey Mouse, Spinal Tap and Prince Philip's awful remarks
Hadrians Wall, Blazing Saddles, Erica Roe at Twickers
Pogo sticks, the Dulux dog and Bridget Jones' big knickers
Pantomime villans, bumper cars, Stan & Hilda Ogden
Hey Jude, choc ices and Phil Andrews running down Mogden
Three-legged races, jumping beans, huge handlebar moustaches
Weeping willows, Catweazel and England winning the Ashes

A pot-pourri, a real mixed bag, nearly 200 items all told
Have I left you feeling nostalgic, or merely incredibly old ?

Anonymous said...

Quotas, restraints and restrictions, there's so many of them about
To meet this website's approval, here's the lines I had to leave out;

VERSE 1 (Lines 15 & 16)

Invisible ink, a hole in one, Matchbox Toys & Dinky
Bunsen Burners, marching bands and Inspector Clouseau's minky

VERSE 2 (Lines 1 & 2)

The Double Deckers, boomerangs, Rab Nesbit's grubby string vest
Mungo Jerry, frozen lakes and oily rags spreading their mess

VERSE 3 (Lines 13 & 14)

Knock knock jokes, dinosaurs, leather footballs with proper stitching
Basil Brush, jaffa cakes and rival politicians bitching

VERSE 4 (Lines 9 & 10)

Abigails Party, penny farthings, cheese & onion crisps
Chemistry sets, shiny shoes and Christopher Eubank's lisp

Now THAT'S nearly 200 items !