Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Blood of Our Heroes is On Their Hands

Good news, the deficit has been cleared!

How else - at a time when our libraries are closing, our public services are being cut to the core and we are all being asked to tighten our belts - can we suddenly afford yet another military adventure in an oil-rich country under the guise of a "humanitarian" act? Last time it was non-existent WMDs, now we have a new concept - the ceasefire that only applies to one side!

That's right, the UN resolution on Libya forbids government forces from engaging civilians, but makes no reference to aggressive acts by anti-government forces (whom we keep being told are unarmed but who nonetheless initially succeeded in occupying half the country within the space of a few days and who now seem to have tanks and an air force).

This means in practice that opponents of the regime are free to attack government forces with impunity but if those government forces defend themselves against attack by the "rebels" - who are civilians - then they are in breach of the UN resolution and will provide an instant excuse for the US and its clients to intervene and force regime change in yet another sovereign state.

Is there anyone left anywhere in this country who is still mug enough to buy this crap?

We may have a different Prime Minister, from a different party, but the forces whose role it is to direct a deeply sinister and secretive international strategy would appear to remain in place.

The blood of every heroic British serviceman and woman who loses their life for the government under the false flag of "democracy" is on their hands.

From time to time I am asked why I never joined any of the British establishment's politicial parties. I'm sorry, but I need to be able to sleep at night.


Tell the world! said...

I never thought I would say this about a ruthless dictator but I actually feel a bit sorry for Gaddafi right now.

He let the Grinning Jackanapes talk him into turning in his Weapons of Mass Destruction (yes, Gaddafi really DID have them!) in the belief that he was being accepted into the international community only to realise now that he was being softened up for military attack by the forces of the New World Order.

Where next after Libya?

Not Saudi Arabia or Bahrain - they are OUR dictators.

Not North Korea - too risky.

Not Zimbabwe - we've got enough soya and maize already.

Israel? Yeah, run THAT one by Sarkozy!

Never mind, at least in this time of financial crisis here at home I can find comfort in the fact that my money is being well spent, and that there are enough home-grown suckers to cheer the NWO forces on and give them the legitimacy they need as they bomb their way relentlessly towards their goal.

Viva democracy!

Phil Andrews said...

I posted a shortened version of this on Facebook.

My Facebook friends are a mixed bunch - old friends from school, ICG people, relatives, friends from local pubs and clubs and so on. Not people that come from any one walk of life or body of opinion.

I have had several responses and almost all of them are against military action against Libya. Some of the comments are really intelligent and insightful.

My view is that Cameron has made a real blunder here. Perhaps he and his friends think they will come in under the radar with the world's attentions being on the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan.

What he has not taken account of is the real pain that people are feeling at home with the cutbacks, and even the famously gullible British public are not going to be easy to convince that amongst all the hardship we can suddenly afford yet another offensive military adventure under the patently false flag of "defending democracy".

I really do hope and pray that no British military personnel are killed or injured, but that cannot be assured especially with the Americans involved (remember in the first Gulf War US forces managed to kill more British servicemen than the Iraqis did).

This has the potential to backfire spectacularly on Cameron and it really couldn't happen to a nicer bloke. The man is pure scum and much though I like them locally I will not vote for the Lib Dems nationally again for as long as they continue to sustain this evil government.