Sunday, 27 March 2011

New World Order Prepares to Protect Sirte Residents From Themselves

It would appear that the Libyan "rebels", actively assisted by Western air power, have retaken the towns of Ajdabiya, Uqayla and Brega from Libyan government forces.

Obviously it is always difficult to decipher through propaganda and counter-propaganda quite what the situation is, but it seems likely that the Western-backed insurgents do enjoy some popular support, quite possibly majority support, in these particular towns.

According to the BBC the triumphant anti-government forces now intend to advance on Sirte.

Sirte is, without any shadow of a doubt, a town in which almost all if not all of the civilian population are loyal to the government. This fact is even acknowledged by the Western media.

In effect then the next job on the list for the insurgents and the coalition air forces, whose role seems to have morphed seamlessly from one of "protecting civilians" into one of pro-actively softening up targets before they are attacked by "rebels", will be to "liberate" a town the civilian population of which has no desire to be "liberated".

Assuming the people of Sirte hold their nerve, what this means in practice is that the coalition air forces will need to attack and batter the civilian population of the town to such an extent that it weakens their capacity or their determination to fight off the insurgents who will, the moment is right, subsequently invade.

Which really does give the concept of "protecting civilians" a whole new meaning, doesn't it?

In order to prepare Western opinion for this, expect lurid "discoveries" of mass rape, pillage and baby-eating by Gaddafi supporters, civilian as well as military, over the next few days.

And expect the usual suspects to lap it up gratefully as they do every single time.

However, the encouraging news is that a recent poll showed 46% of the British people to be opposed to military action in Libya, against a smaller percentage in favour. This is in the face of the barrage of pro-war propaganda to which they are unrelentingly subjected by politicians of all the major parties and the national media.

What a blessing the Internet, which enables people to access information from all sources and reduces dependence upon official media, allowing thinking people to make their own minds up, has turned out to be.

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