Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Deed Is Done

Well, the ballot paper arrived this morning and it has been completed and is in the post. It is official, the "Yes to AV" campaign now has at least one vote.

Anything that shakes up the archaic and self-serving political system in this country has to be a good thing, if only because it will demonstrate to the public that things can be different. There is always another way.

Let's hope the referendum brings about a fairer system of voting but, far more importantly, that the switch will prove to be the harbinger of a real, meaningful shake-up of the seedy Old Boys' Network that is the two-party system in this country.


Anonymous said...

Phil, your postings are like the 267 bus service - nothing for ages, then three come along at once !

I don't think too many people will share your somewhat rosy view of the AV system of voting.
Most people can't be bothered to put a simple, single X against ONE name on a ballot paper, never mind ranking a 1-2-3 order of preference.

Seems to me also that people will end up electing candidates they hate the least, rather than ones they like the most.

Phil Andrews said...

Rosy view of AV?

Where did you read that?

I just want to shake the system up. If it means some people having to learn to count to three then that strikes me as a pretty small price to pay?

Anonymous said...

Alternative Vote, Alternative Vote
You're a pig in a poke and you're getting my goat
Our system aint broke, the referendum's a joke
First past the post suits most of us folks

Alternative Vote, Alternative Vote
You're too complicated, you don't float my boat
Dagger & cloak, mirrors & smoke
All style and no substance, now go fetch your coat

Alternative Vote, Alternative Vote
You're obscure and remote and not worthy of note
Whether you choke or totally croak
Your demise will compromise that lame Lib-Dem bloke