Saturday, 16 April 2011

Some Dates For Your Diary

Two important events will be taking place in Isleworth this summer:

Monday 18th July: 6.30 for 7 p.m

Talk by Christine Diwell - An A-Z of Isleworth at Isleworth Library

Start off with tea/coffee and a 10 minute presentation by Sanda Connolly (an outreach worker for library services), followed by an informative talk by the Secretary of The Isleworth Society.

Saturday 13th August: 11 a.m. from the Library

Guided Walk

Theme - "Following the TV series Filthy Cities, explore Isleworth's own grimy past from the smoke of steam trains to odours of pigsties, a soap factory and Mogden Sewage Works".

A 90 minute walk led by Christine Diwell, ending at the Library for coffee.

£1 entry will be charged.

At a time when Isleworth's community is under threat from all sides it is important that residents turn out to demonstrate their solidarity with local groups such as TIS and the ICG, who are fighting to preserve our local facilities. As both these activities are taking place at or around Isleworth Library it is particularly essential that they are well-supported, and that the right message is sent.

Please put these days in your diary and come along and give our tireless local campaigners the backing they deserve.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the latest regarding the 'future' of our libraries ?

Without getting the promised second consultation, a whole raft of measures have just been announced, subject to approval.
Approval by WHO, I wonder ?

Check it out on the Hounslow Chronicle website.

Believes everything he reads in the "Chronicle" said...

Just had a look at the article.

"Reduce 'skills' at some smaller libraries".

What on earth is that supposed to mean ?
Hopefully those who'll be weighing up the pros & cons of these proposals will have a better idea than the rest of us !

WHAT A COP OUT ! said...

Just seen the "Ten Year Library Plan" on the homepage of Brentford TW8 and your response to it on the forum.

It would appear that for the time being, if LBH have to keep open all 11 branches, they're going to cut every corner and do everything on the cheap.

I can't help thinking that somewhere down the line, we're likely to end up with the most basic library service that a council is obliged to provide.

Dishonesty/Politics ? said...

In view of the recently announced proposed cutbacks to library services, I was astounded to see all the boroughs' branches closed on Thursday morning for "Staff Training".

'Training' to become less skillful I presume (displaying books upside down, opening ten minutes late every day etc).
Either that or the Peruvian lavatory attendants were being shown the ropes.

A real morale-booster during such uncertain times wouldn't you say ?