Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Horsey Story that's a Racing Cert to Run and Run

Anybody following the local community news forum at could not have helped but notice the big story that has come out of Isleworth over the past few weeks or so, that of the horses which currently graze in the idyllic rural setting of Northcote Avenue, on the Worple housing estate.

The land on which they roam was, before they arrived, open land available for use by the entire community, from the estate and beyond. It was particularly popular with dog walkers. Not no more.

Now ordinarily I would painstakingly relate the whole saga of how a public park became overnight a private facility for the exclusive use of two equines and their owner, particularly in respect of the total lack of engagement with residents and park users. But I understand that this highly entertaining episode will be related in very great detail elsewhere in the near future, so I counsel patience. Suffice it to say that much consideration has been given to whether this rather unconventional annexation of a public facility without a by your leave, far less a proper consultation, was brought about by officers behind the backs of councillors or actually at the councillors' behest.

Ever since the scandal blew up councillors have been (convincingly) acting dumb about the whole thing, although one of them was subsequently discovered to have been the person who actually signed off the authorisation for officers to do the dirty deed!

Like I say there will be much, much more on all of this very soon. But in the meantime let us leave the last word to the Council Leader, whose choice of friends may very well come galloping back to haunt him before his tenure is through:


Anonymous said...

So much for you wanting to work with the local councillors since the election and not opposing them anymore, back to same old same old criticising everything they try to do for the community

Phil Andrews said...

The term was "critical friend" if you recall. Friendship is a two-way thing, although I'm sure you'll agree my recent article about Lynn Green was a decent attempt to build bridges.

On the question of the Pit Park, surely it is difficult under the circumstances not to be critical?

Anonymous said...

Yes but I think your attempt to build bridges either went over her head or she is too wet and soft to stand up to the others. It didn't take very long for her to be sucked in and behave like a despot.

Anonymous said...

"back to same old same old criticising everything they try to do for the community"

And what exactly are they trying to do for the community? They hadn't been seen until they turned up to intimidate people trying to pay to park to go and watch a rugby match as far as I know. Yes, they sure have a way of making people feel welcome in Isleworth. What are they planning for the world cup?

Anonymous said...

The horse owner should sue the council for its mis-handling of this affair. At the very least hasn't the council a moral obligation to try and find them another suitable site?