Wednesday, 4 February 2015

How to Use My Feed on Your Website or Blog

If you'd like to display a list of my latest articles on your blog or website, please just follow the simple instructions below:

On any Blogger platform (like this one), click "Design" and choose the "Layout" option on the left hand column. From there scroll down to "Add a Gadget", select the "Feed" gadget, open it and insert the following URL: Give it a name and drag and drop it to wherever you want it on your site.

For websites, download any free widget provider such as Surfing Waves and again insert the URL Then just follow the instructions to upload the widget to your site. Simples.

If you'd prefer to place a feed list on the toolbar of your browser just hit one of the "Subscribe" buttons on the right hand column beside this article and again follow the directions given. Then just bookmark the Feed URL to your toolbar. This way you don't need to visit and scroll through the blog to see what is new - all the article titles are there for you.

Why add my feed to your site? Well, for a start if you do it and let me know you will get a backlink from here (I'm PR2 at the moment and hoping to bounce back to PR3 at the next time of asking). Plus of course you get added content. Every one's a winner.

The whole thing is fairly straightforward but please e-mail me if you have any difficulties and I'll be happy to talk you through it. Thanks.

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