Sunday, 1 February 2009

AGM re-elects Committee

A modestly attended but very optimistic and businesslike AGM held last night (Friday) at the Isleworth Royal British Legion saw the existing eight committee members - Caroline Andrews, Paul Fisher, Shirley Fisher, David Freeman, Jon Hardy, Maggie Hardy, Dr.Genevieve Hibbs and myself re-elected to serve for another term. A ninth member who hadn't submitted his nomination before the deadline expressed an interest in coming on board, and his application for co-option will be discussed at the next committee meeting.

In all the frantic activity of having six elected members involved in the council administration including two Executive members, the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor it is often easy to overlook the grassroots work of the group itself, especially as our local community in general is obviously more mobilised and active than it had been when we were in opposition. However we recognise that we'll not always be in our current position and may quite easily find ourselves outside of the administration again and taking on community issues without the benefit of being able to direct events at the other end.

An ambitious organisational programme looms for the year ahead, but thankfully we have a keen and robust team steering the ship.


Bitter Ex-Councillors Anonymous said...

Sad to hear your AGM was so poorly attended, but we did offer the services of two of our more illustrious members back in November.
Sharing such a unique way with words, I'm sure having either one as guest speaker would have packed the place to the rafters.
Come to think of it, Mr H wasn't at OUR meeting on Friday !
Holy calamitous calumny - he's not defected and become your mysterious 'ninth' man has he ?

Councillor Phil Andrews said...

ICG AGM's are seldom filled to the rafters, precisely because they so "businesslike". Ex-Councillor H would have felt distinctly uncomfortable hearing some of our preparations for the coming year had he come along. Beside this village has one or two idiots of its own.

Anonymous said...

So ICG meetings are poorly attended because they are so "businesslike".
While we're all trying to figure that one out, perhaps you'd like to tell the remaining 99.99% of your constituents all about this grand masterplan ?

Councillor Phil Andrews said...

Tell you, you mean?