Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hounslow Labour Party responds to community empowerment challenge

My efforts to begin a reasoned debate with the Hounslow Labour Party on the subject of community empowerment following last Tuesday's victory at Borough Council have resulted in the following response, posted on the BrentfordTW8 community forum by party spokesperson and former Council Executive member David Hughes.

I have reproduced it without alteration as I believe it captures perfectly the mindset of New Labour in Hounslow, and gives the reader some indication of what we are up against:

It seems you still have the common tactics of your past friends of the BNP which is to divert people away from the truth..

"A bit like Griffin who come's out with loads of holocaust denile then he claim's the BNP are freinds of the jews...

"Andrews trys to use the same tactics one of painting a picture of socialists as demons and anyone of the left is criminal while he positions himself as a moderate voice defending the values of political honesty...Ha ha ha what joke you are...

"what people have not cotton on to is that you are very very far from being democratic and democratically accountable...just like Griffin anyone who say's NO is automatically branded as labour socialist and a criminal in your world..everything is ok so long as its your voice that everyone obays and only then are you happy poncing about like a little Hitler.

"Take a look at all the abuse you have given your own supporters when they have disagreed with you...

"At the end of the day and like some who can remeber you from school I will agree with them that you are little braggart who cant evan fight his own battles....with out having to run off to get support."

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katherine said...

This is beyond belief. I checked the link you pointed to to make sure you weren't making this up. What a childish, offensive Labour party you seem to have in Hounslow, if I lived there I would seriously be thinking of casting my vote for someone else.