Saturday, 4 April 2009

Bandits at twelve o'clock

STOP PRESS ... Ruth and a New Labour sidekick canvassing in Linkfield Road, Isleworth (Syon ward). Are they serious?


Anonymous said...

Don't know whether they are canvassing for the general election or the locals, or both, but they must have a very thick skin to knock on door asking for people's vote after all the publicity following the Keens this week. Do they just not get it?

Shovels at the ready ! said...

So a circus turned up in town on Saturday uncomfortably close to fortress Andrews.
No doubt the clowns were a source of great amusement as they plied their trade and they certainly would've left an 'impression'.
Who knows, next weekend they may return even closer with their elephants and leave an even bigger one !

audacity said...

They'll be getting a fry in their wheelie bins if they keep this up fo' sure.