Monday, 6 April 2009

At the Coach & Horses on Sunday afternoon

The Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and other Isleworth councillors joined scores of local residents at the Coach & Horses, London Road at the new landlord Kevin's funday this weekend.

The event was held to promote the new management of the pub and to encourage people to support their local pub.

Although the stalls, the free hog roast, ice creams and candy floss, and real ale at £1 per pint may have been a contributing factor in the decision of some to pay a visit, the size of the turnout from the Syon estate - leafleted on the pub's behalf by ICG volunteers - suggests that hopefully the Coach & Horses is on course to become a real local's local once again.

The Coach & Horses has always been a popular pub, with live music, good beer and good food, but in recent times its popularity had been on the decline. Isleworth man Kevin hope to reverse its fortunes by restoring its customer focus. As a local man Kevin has been helpful to the ICG, providing a home for our councillors' surgeries following the recent fire at the ROSE Centre across the road.

A big well done and thank you to Kevin and his staff, and the very best of luck for the future.


Anonymous said...

Another ICG parasite no doubt, drinks all round for the scroungers and the workshy.

The Dave 'Ewes' Fan Club said...

It's called community engagement Dave. I'm not sure that Kevin will appreciate your comments either.

On the subject of workshy scroungers, can you update us on Councillor Elizabeth Hughs' attendance record?

Councillor Phil Andrews said...

Mmmm, I had this one down to VS...

Fair comment re the workshy councillor though.

New Labour Member said...

A wonderfully bigotted and bitchy initial comment, gloriously narrow-minded and hateful in content.
If you're not one of us, you should be !

mandrill said...

Speaking as a member of the Labour Party I would like to disassociate myself from the rude and unnecessary remarks made by the first poster, but is the "ICG culture" which now seems have rooted itself in Isleworth and parts of Hounslow and Brentford really a healthy thing? Surely there is always room for other viewpoints and it strikes me that they are being systematically airbrushed out of existence.

Don't Say Sorry Gordon ! said...

Yes, Mandrill's absolutely right, this blog is far too partisan in it's support for the ICG.
You should be much nicer to the local Labour party - PRAISE the ingenuity of their dirty tricks and SYMPATHISE when they blow up in their faces.
Remember how well-balanced and unbiased their now sadly defunct website was ?
I really miss it, I hope it returns soon.