Sunday, 26 April 2009

An end to two successful seasons

A massive well done to Brentford Football Club for confirming their promotion to League One as champions yesterday with an emphatic 3-1 win against Darlington, who had a man sent off after just ninety seconds. I'm pleased that I've managed to secure some tickets for the last match against Luton Town, who will also be leaving League Two - for the time being anyway - after finishing bottom of the table. Having sustained a 30-point deduction at the start of the season I guess they were never really going to finish anywhere else.

Today my son Joe also played his last league match of the season for Spartans 'B', in the Harrow Youth Football League. His team are the only 'B' side in Division Two (Under 12s), and they managed to finish mid-table after beating Pinnstars 5-3.

Taking the snap below of the players awaiting an incoming corner got me into a little bit of trouble when an over-zealous Pinnstars coach berated me for taking a photograph of the children! In this day and age - and I say this with great sadness - he probably had a point and I should have given the matter more thought, but I didn't like his manner and had to remind myself that I hold a position of responsibility and need to bite my tongue in situations of this kind.

Despite his comments none of the players in this small, grainy photo were facing the camera and I am cool about including it on this blog. Joe is the tall lad in the blue to the right of the Pinnstars forward.

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