Friday, 1 May 2009

Can you believe THIS?????

It just HAD to happen, didn't it? Ann K££n, alleged Member of Parliament for Brentford & Isleworth and her Hounslow Labour Party are now the champions of the residents who are suffering the effects of the Mogden Pong!

On her website, Ann calls upon Thames Water "to look again at the possibility of covering the controversial Mogden storm tanks as the Brentford sewer treatment works looks set to expand."

It would seem almost churlish under the circumstances to point out to her and her colleagues that the Mogden plant is actually in Isleworth!

She continues: "A lot of people are very unhappy about the plans to expand Mogden but, by increasing capacity, this might be one way to help reduce the smells." Which she HAS to say really, considering it was her New Labour colleagues who drove the expansion proposal through the meeting of the Sustainable Development Committee at which it was passed!

Also interesting is her inference that she persuaded OFWAT to release "£60m" for works already undertaken. Which begs me to ask, as only £40m was ever spent, what happened to the rest?

People in my part of the world are used to this shameless, breathtaking opportunism as it has manifested itself so many times before in the run-up to elections, but how must those other, non-Labour members on SDC who allowed themselves to be talked around by Councillors Cadbury and Cooper in concert with officers from the Environment Department be feeling after reading this?

Yet another lesson in New Labour political chicanery ("We apply our own ethics") learned the hard way!


Our mistress has spoken said...

So there you have it, a mere flick of her candy-floss hair achieves more than your eighty strong placard-waving demo !
Honestly Phil, all you had to do was to go cap in hand to one her of regular open surgeries and she would've fixed it for you weeks ago.
Does'nt she always put EVERYTHING right single-handedly ?


Ann Keen, not just a pretty face, she's the saviour of the human race
Formerly a nurse, we could do much worse, capable of lifting any gypsy's curse
Never wrong, always strong, can instantly quell the Mogden pong
A gem among fakes, has got what it takes and unlike King Alfred, will never burn the cakes
Witty and funny, good value for money, can bust every cloud and make it all sunny
Brentford's pride, cut and dried, watch her stem the incoming tide
Not lacking in clout, she can put it about and her magical touch can even cure gout
We must fall to our knees and all beg her please, to be our MP forever and ever amen.

Manticore said...

So Ann Keen inc. play their best trump card to date: re-elect her or fox hunting will be reinstated !
Definitely right up there with her recent 'only a vote for the Labour party can defeat the BNP' Euro communique.