Tuesday, 5 May 2009

STOP PRESS - Ann K££n discovers where Mogden is!

Amazing what a short report on this humble blog can do, isn't it?


Let them eat.....? said...

Indeed an absolute howler, but how much of that website material do you suppose that Annie Antoinette actually writes or even SEES before it's posted ?
Personally I think SHE knows where Mogden is, but her script-writers obviously don't.
Doesn't inspire confidence, does it ?

Southall Sycophant said...

O Annie, even though you're not my MP and we've never met, you're so wonderful !
The way you dodge live radio phone-ins is quite masterly, your lastest example earlier today a real tour de force.
Keep spending our money whichever way you see fit and don't forget to nominate my voluntary organisation for the next "Highly Commended Special MPs Award".

Newshound said...

Well, it really is a case of 'swings & roundabouts' for Lord & Lady Keen in this weeks local press.
Plenty of negative coverage in the HB Times, including a WHOLE page of readers letters (no squashed hedgehogs in East Sheen !)
By contrast, hardly anything in the Chronicle, but take a look at THEIR letters page - Kaur, Taylor & Hughes.
I thought they were all the same person ?

Dishonesty/Politics ? said...

Most interesting to note the different 'attitude' of both papers.
Newsquest obviously think this is a major issue - a whole page of readers letters, a somewhat damning editorial and follow-up articles on page two inviting further correspondence.
Clearly a story THEY want to run and run !
By contrast, not a single letter in Trinity Mirror and a rather nondescript article 'hidden' towards the middle pages !
Now what paper would YOU prefer to read ?

Never told a lie ! said...

Hey diddle-diddle
Caught on the fiddle
Misusing official resources
Spent over four grand
To buy some new fans
But paid it all back when rumbled, so no harm done surely ?

Newshound said...

Seems you've read Annie all wrong Phil !
According to todays "Onlinevote" in the Chronicle, a massive 76.5% of respondents said that Ann & Alan Keen should be allowed to stand for re-election.

Similarly, it would appear the all seeing eye in UB1 has rumbled you -you and you alone are responsible for EVERY letter sent to the local press criticising his favourite golden couple.
Amazing he should level that accusation after denying all knowledge of the Sampson/Shortt fiasco !

Can't imagine the world without Robin said...

Well, you could've knocked me down with a rolled-up copy of the Ealing Gazette !
Pictures everywhere of squatters occupying fortress Keen in TW8.
Not just ANY old squatters so I'm told - comrades Assante, Baker, Booth, Brown, James, Mehta & Veseley, all 'fingered' as prominent local Nazis just hours beforehand.
Or were they ?
Some idiot thought they were all Phil Andrews !