Friday, 1 May 2009

Out and about with the RSLs - Part Two

If it seems like quite a long time ago that is probably because it was, but on Monday evening the Borough held its first ever RSL Tenants' Conference at Hounslow Civic Centre. In fact, neither the Chair of the event Paul Doe nor I are aware of anything of the kind ever happening in any other borough either.

About eighty delegates from seven leading RSLs attended, and following an interesting presentation from the Tenant Services Authority and a short Question and Answer session the meeting divided into several groups to attend workshops on various aspects of an RSLs work.

All in all a very fulfilling and useful event, and already looking forward to building on this pioneering work next year.

A big well done to all concerned, and particularly to Paul for having the courage to believe in his tenants and to spread his belief amongst the others he represents.

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