Saturday, 27 March 2010

As you were

I'd promised to do a spot of "canvasser training" yesterday (Friday) morning and as my assistant was from the Worton estate I decided to follow the route taken there by the Labour canvassers a week or too back. Not that I believe in letting my opponents set the pace, but because I wanted to test what kind of effect, if any, their four-yearly visit to the estate had had on local morale.

In short, the answer was not a lot. Whatever they had hoped to achieve by visiting Worton it clearly hadn't had the desired effect. Residents there remain as loyal as they have been since the days of the protest nearly a decade ago - as you were as it were - and I was enthused by the sense of optimism that pervades the estate and the feeling that, whilst there is certainly still a goodly amount of work to be done, we were all getting there together.

In the afternoon Caroline and I nipped over to Hounslow South to drop some leaflets and were nearly run over at one point by a visiting Councillor Peter Carey - get your eyes tested man! :o). We survived to complete the drop, meeting a couple of residents along the way whom I knew from way back. Both greeted us warmly and with promises of support.

Later it was across to the airport to collect Joe on his return from Greece. Later today it will be back to door knocking, but in the meantime to bed, shattered but happy with my day's endeavour.


Anonymous said...

"A Community In Action", a splendid blog, of its type the best in the borough
Our daily bread, lovingly baked, its preparation meticulous and thorough
Highbrow discussion, cut and thrust debate, unafraid to charter rough water
Contentious issues in bite-sized chunks, giving and receiving no quarter
Nothing is sacred, everythings fair game, the bad guys have nowhere to hide
Shysters and phonies clinically exposed and given an uncomfortable ride
But knowing no shame, they always hit back, trying their best to hurt you
Unwelcome outsiders bending the truth and parodies of virtue
Some so extreme, obsessive in fact and prepared to die as martyrs
Sanctimonious hypocrites demanding repentance while craving your guts for garters
Pre-programmed clones, taught wonderful skills, like internet forum surfing
And how to exploit the local press with synchronized astro-turfing
Their time is now nigh, we've seen them at work and grown accustomed to their behaviour
Behind all their spin, their cupboard is bare, Philip Andrews is our true saviour

Councillor Phil Andrews said...

Shucks! I thought long and hard before publishing this because I'm probably going to be accused somewhere or other of having written it myself.

But thanks anyway Anon, your kind words are appreciated even if they are a tad in jest.