Sunday, 21 March 2010

If only every canvass was like this morning's

With the local elections creeping up on us all I ventured out in my ward this morning to knock on some doors and canvass some of my constituents. I won't say quite where, as my opponents read this blog (they claim not to whilst complaining publicly about some of the things I write!), but I will say that in percentage terms it was probably the most successful canvass I have ever undertaken. Indeed it was nothing short of breathtaking.

I'm not so deluded as to think this morning's results were typical - if they were it would already be game over. But it really is inspiring when one's hard work and achievements, and those of one's colleagues, are recognised and rewarded with such positivity and enthusiasm.


Caroline said...

Labour were on our estate (Worton) telling people the section 106 money will be lost unless the ICG are defeated and they elected instead, bare face liars no change there then.

Councillor Phil Andrews said...


I was aware of this already (but sincere thanks nonetheless) and am afraid that's par for the course with these people, they actually admit to being liars and are quite proud of it.

They have also been telling other residents that we're planning to sell off the housing stock in spite of the fact that the two ICG Lead Members during the current administration both rejected this out of hand. In fact the ICG is probably the biggest obstacle to stock transfer as both the Conservatives and Labour at national level seem to have it somewhere on their agendas.

It is the nature of the beast I'm afraid and they'll only get worse as the campaign draws on and the nature of their predicament becomes more obvious to even the dullest dullard amongst their number.

I believe they had a couple of 10-year-olds handing out their leaflets this weekend. I'll bet the minimum wage that they herald as one of their achievements didn't apply on that day.

Fly on the wall/Fly in the ointment ? said...

Is'nt the S106 racket marvellous ?
Unscrupulous developers are allowed to get their wicked way as long as they deposit a huge wodge of wonga (blood money) at council HQ to compensate local residents affected by their projects.
A splendid gesture in theory, but what if the affected residents are not made aware of this 'gift' for years, or at all ?
Would it have been earning interest and if so, to whose benefit ?
Similarly, if it is not claimed and spent within a certain time limit, is it not simply returned to the donor ?