Sunday, 21 March 2010

Greece is the word

It only seems like yesterday that my son Joe and daughter Rosie went out on their own for the first time to the off-licence across the road, to bring us back some milk and a bottle of pop. I remember the sense of pride they both had in being allowed to venture out and cross the street without the protective custody of their parents. It was a truly defining moment in our relationship with our children.

So this morning I felt rather strange as I stood with Joe in Terminal 5, at 5.00 am, seeing him off on a flight to Athens with his school. Last year he had declined to travel on the Year Seven expedition to Kent but this year, it would seem, Athens fazes him not a bit.

I envy my son his experience. I have never been to Greece and would love to do so one day. No doubt Joe will be itching to show us around.

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